7. Back to the house: LEDs are in

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The LEDs have finally been installed! IMG_3461Well, most of them anyway.
It’s made a fantastic difference
in the downstairs lounge room and study where the fittings were so old the globes kept blowing and the rooms have been in semi-dark for the past few years. With new downlights and globes it’s like daylight in there now, which is amazing. IMG_3463Though it also means we can see all the crappy paintwork and other things that need maintenance and fixing, and we also have about a dozen large holes in the ceiling to patch and paint.

It cost us a bit more than we thought as some of our fittings and wiring were very old and needed replacing completely. IMG_3462However, if you have a lot of halogen downlights, there is a government-subsidised scheme that will replace halogen downlights for free. Unfortunately we only had two of those, so couldn’t take advantage of it.

After the electrician left, I realised there were a few lights we’d missed, mainly outside. Most of them just need LED globes so I can do that myself, but there are some fittings in the upstairs bathroom that are a bit old and weird and there don’t seem to be any LEDs available to fit them. I guess we’ll have to replace them too.


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